Monday, 31 October 2016



What is A3FDN? A3 means for Afina, Ashraf, Azliely, F for Fatini, D for Dalila and N for Naimhaikal. The A3FDN is really important person in my life. They are friends that always be there when i need them. 

Ashraf known as bigboss in our group. He is good in making us laugh with his funny jokes. He never fail make us smile. 
The second A for Azliely. She is the best listener. When i have a problems, she listens me carefully. 
The F for Fatini known as Ateng. She is the girl that always make me happy when im sad. She had told me before that she does not want to see my sadness face.
 She tries make me smile and laugh with her stupid jokes. 
Dalila for D. She just not only my classmates, but she is also my roomate. My patner pillow fight in the room. She is so adorable person.
 Last N for Naimhaikal. I know him after i know Ashraf. He is the second boy i know in my class. Naim also good in comedy actually. Sometimes, he looks serious. But i know his heart very soft. Right ?

We know each others at KPTM KB. But we become closer when we are in the same group role play. At the time we practise, we become close and close. 
Even role play had finished, but we are still bestfriends till now. InsyaAllah till Jannatul Firdaus. Having them in my life is the biggest present. 
They make my life so complete. Thankyou to all of you for always being there with me no matter what happen. I hope our friendship will be long lasting till we get married. Okayyyyy? Remember that i will always love all of you whenever we are. Keep our promise that we will always together and archieve our dreams to become an accountant a few laters. 
InsyaAllah :')

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