Monday, 31 October 2016

Spm victim


I have 8 siblings including me and i am the third. My first little sister is already 17 years old. And this year, she will take the big exam called " Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia " or known as SPM. Her name is Wan Nur Anis Iwani Binti Che Mustafa. 
She studies at Mara Sciene Junior College, Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu Kelantan. 
It is only a few days for her to make the preparation for her exam. 
Yesterday, she text me and told that she was really nervous. Because of we only differents one year, thats why she always asked me the past year question. 
I am as a sister, i knew her feelings. Everyday i text her, to be relax and no thinking a lot. Its can make your healthy worse. I trust she can do it more i hope. She is a hardworking person. In her trial, she got 4A+ 3A 1A- 1B+. 
Even in weekend, she always woke up early morning and study as much as she can. Her routine is really simple. She is so differents to compare with my others siblings. So last i wish all the best to my beloved little sister, Anis Iwani. Make our parents proud of you dear. InsyaAllah :')

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