Monday, 31 October 2016

Sadness day


Last year, when i was in form 5 i had two bestfriends, Nik Amy Natasha and Fatin Nurmiiza Maisarah. They were always be there with me. I still remembered that moment. It was Mr Sham class. We did not come to his class because one of my friends, Nik Amy Natasha had an accident in her way to school.

I decided to skip the addmath's class. Fatin and i went to the hospital immediately. When i arrived there, i saw her parents was waiting at emergency room. I felt somethings bad. I walked slowly. My mind was really stucked. I shaked her mother's hand. Fatin also did the same. After a few minutes, the doctor came out from the emergency room. Amy's parents looked very worried. The doctor was really suspicious. Doctor said that Amy got a little injured.

I felt so comfort and smile to Atin. Then doctor continued his word and said that Amy's leg had broken. When i heard that. I felt it was like a dreaming. Amy's mother cried on his husband shoulder. I knew it sad. But Allah has a better plan for us. I believed that. 

I asked doctor for a permission to visit Amy and he gave. I came into Amy's room. Amy was sleeping when i came in. I cried after i saw her condition. She could not walk as usual. After a few minutes, Amy woke up and she smiles. Even she knew in the reality she could not walk and did her routine. Amy is a strong and also cheerful person. Then after a few days, she been discharged. Every day, i visit her at home. And her condition getting better day by day. Thanks to Allah.

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