Monday, 31 October 2016

Place i want to go


  There are many wonderful places to live. There are tropical, cold and seasonal. My dream place to live is Florida. Since I like warm places, Florida is just the place for me. I've been there once, but it felt like I was there for a lifetime!

     The environment is great. The climate there is mostly hot. The sun shines most of the time. You can just stay out until it's really dark and it will almost stay the same temperature. The air is clean and it looks really clean and not trashy. You can barely see any trash laying on the ground. It looks like it's being taken care of every day. The beach is clean with no trash or anything laying around. If there is any, someone would pick it up and throw it in the trash.

     Not only is the environment great, the entertainment is better! There are multiple of places to go and have fun. There are many rides, shows and shops. The amusement parks are amazing! There are rides that take you up really high, and then drops you at a 90 degree angle. Some shoots you straight up, then come fast down. And some of the rides go underground and in water. Also, there are many shows there. They are really entertainment especially the magic shows. They make it seem so professional. And then the music shows. To me that's boring, but to some people, they find it really entertaining. And last but not least, the shops! You can go from store to store looking at the amazing items they have for sale. There are clothes, toys, gift cards and many many more! If I could, I would buy all the stores. You could go on a shopping spree buying all the things you want with only the amount of money that is stopping you from getting a ton more than what you can get. 

Florida has a variety of things to do. It is warm and clean. It also has very entertaining shows and amusement parks. And you can go shopping with many things to chose from. My dream place to live is Florida because of all these things they have there.

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