Monday, 31 October 2016

Family time


Last weekend, my family and i went to the beach. The most popular beach that called 
" Pantai Bukit Keluang. " It is long time we did not spent time together.
 Recently when i back from college, my youngest brother asked me to go to the beach for the weekend. I told my mom that we should go there for release stress or tension. She agreed with my opinion. Even my family was not complete at the time, i knew it will be a wonderful day for my siblings. 

My father was not in Kelantan. He had  an outstation for a week. My brother stays and studies at Perth. My sister also at her college at UniKL RCMP, Ipoh Perak.
Same goes to my 
little sister who now is nervous and make her preparation for SPM soon. Then we went to the beach in the evening.
 My siblings was really excited. Even more my little brothers, he loves beach a lot. I am as the eldest should prepare things such as basket food. My little sister helped me prepared it. Only 30 minutes to reach there.

 When we arrived, there were a lot of people. Sometimes i look more excited than my youngest. For a long time i did not come here. Many activities there such as playing kite, volleyball, balloons and so on. In the water also had many activies like banana boat, jet ski, surfing and others. I attracted to play banana boat but i did not bring my extra clothes. So i just looked and enjoyed the view.


Even i am already 18 years old, but my action still childish. I loved play balloons. I knew it not suited with my age but i did not care. As i happy i will do anythings. 
From far, i saw my mom smiled. She looked very happy when my siblings was playing water cheerfully. My family happiness is my happiness. Sometimes, i thankful to Allah for giving a perfect family in my life. Even not a day we spent together, but it was memorable day i ever had.  

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