Thursday, 6 October 2016

A short vacation


 I have dreams. My first dream is i want to have a
 short vacation to Perth with my family. My brother, Wan Muhammad Firdaus, 22 is 
continue his study at University of Adelaide, Australia. It is almost for 3 years. Thats why i really want to go there. But my dad always busy with his work till he 
doesnt has free time to spent time together. 
Perth is my favaourite places when i was a kid. I always dream that 
one day i will be there. Maybe it will be a dreams, not reality. 
Perth have so many beautiful places there. My brother always share his photo. He also share his story about Perth. Last weekend, he go to sydney for summer break. He told me that the degree almost 10 celcius. I really want to go there but with my family. I think Perth is the best places for our short vacation soon. 
InsyaAllah :)

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